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Pulse Jet Bag Filter

All Leyletts Bag Filters can incorporate


• Differential Pressure Control.

• Explosion Venting.

• Fire Protection.

• Dust Monitoring.

• Heavy Gauge or Stainless Steel Housing

• Vertical or Horizontal Bags.

• Insulation/Cladding.




Leyletts design and manufacture Pulse Jet Filters/Baghouse Cleaning Systems for the processing and manufacturing sectors.


The principal method of how a Pulse Jet bag house works is the dirty particles in the air that have been extracted by the filter system enter the bag house and pass through the baffle duct into the bag house. This is typical not as large as that found on a reverse air bag filter, because there is no central corridor running along the length of bag filter and consequently there will be more turbulence than that found in a reverse air bag filter. However Leyletts are committed to achieving high levels of efficiency therefore we install diffuser plates above the hopper but do not allow dirty air to impinge directly onto the bags through the inlet like other manufactures.


The filter bags are suspended from the cell plate with a pulse jet bag filter as they are in a reverse air bag filter but the clean side of the filter is not divided into compartments. The cleaning of bags is an automatic process by a periodic introduction of High compressed air into the selected row of bags that is determined by the sequential timer. A blow tube is mounted above each row of bags and fed by compressed when the solenoids are activated by the sequential timer. The solenoids are fed by air receiver both of these are normally situated on the outside of the filter housing. The blow tubes can sometimes incorporate nozzles to increase cleaning efficiency to each bag as an alternative or in addition to a Venturi can built into the bag cage. The waste material that is recycled falls down into a hopper and is discharged out by the means of a screw conveyor.


These filters are intended for use in industry for the recovery of dry dust, Powder, Fume etc.. and the recovered material can be returned back into the process or collected and removed for disposal. The purpose of the filter is as an air pollution control to satisfy the emission requirements of the various air pollution authorities.





Pulse Jet Filter Air Receiver and Solenoids



Pulse Jet Filter Blow Tubes and Nozzles



Pulse Jet Filter Cartridge



Pulse Jet Filter Blow Tubes and Venturi


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