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Baghouse Troubleshooting Tips


High Differential Pressure (DP) Factors

·       Excessive air-to-cloth ratio

·       Particulate Adhesion caused by dew point temp excursions, moisture, leaks and load changes.

·       Cleaning Energy must be sufficient to remove dust without overcleaning.

·        Process and/or fuel changes alter gas stream chemistry and air volume.

·       Blinded Filter Bags restrict air flow through baghouse.


Opacity Factors

·       Bag Failures. Dust escapes through breaches in bags and exits the stack.

·      Bleed-through when bags are blinded or an insufficient control dust layer is retained after cleaning.

·       Incorrect new bag startup procedures leading to prematurely blinded bags.

·       Mechanical Leaks due to improperly installed bags, tube plate deteriate and seals.


Short Bag Life Factors

·         Incorrect air-to-cloth ratio

·         Incorrect filter bag media for process

·         Incorrect new bag startup procedure

·         Excessive cleaning energy and/or frequency

·         Frequent startup and shutdown

·         Process changes

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