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Leyletts design and manufacture complete filtration systems for hazardous dust and fumes and recognize the importants of well designed components of any air movement systems used within Industrial and manufacturing sectors. Air Filtration is required to limit the impact on health and safety of people and the surounding enviroment whilst ensuring compliance with local pollution prevention and control legislation.


Leyletts has a vast experience and knowledge in design and manufacture of filtration systems since we started in 1977.


Leyletts manufacture complete dust control systems to include Reverse Air and Pulse Jet with Hopper, Screw Conveyor / Pheumatic Conveyor, Ducting, Skimmer and extraction points and hoods.


We also do replacement of worn out cleaning mechanisms together with the top section of a bag filter and in most cases can increase the amount of filter bag media without changing the original footprint size. These replacements can be made regardless of the original manufacturer, offering both huge savings against the cost of a complete new Bag House replacement together with the time required for installation, most of which can be completed over a long weekend.


Leyletts manufacture a range of filtration systems to suit all major asphalt plants including Phoenix, Parker, Gencor/ACP, Benninghoven, Amman, Barber Green/BG Europa, Marini, Enviroflo and Lurhfilter .



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