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Recycled Asphalt Planings Rotary Dryer

Recycling of Asphalt Plainings is a effective use of redundant asphalt material to save our limited resources, and helps you gain a greater price advantage over your competitors and operate more cost effectively.


Leyletts is your competent partner in providing you premium recycling technology for hot systems that ensure a highest quality standard in the business, were components for recycling can be individually adapted according to customers existing plant and demands.


The Leyletts RAP Rotary Dryer allows for effective utilization of RAP material of up to 100%. Our major factor in effectiveness of our dryer is the optimisation of dryer lifter design combined with our knowlege of technical requirements, field experience and non direct contact of burner flame that results in maximum heat transfer.


Leyletts does not offer a cold feed RAP system that is delivered straight into the mixer, because this proven to be problematic and an inefficient solution.


All our RAP Rotary Dryers are equipt with a centre feed ring on our parallel flow rotary dryers were coarse filler can be blended with the RAP to pre-coat it to stop the RAP from sticking.


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